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Why you should use protective sportswear?

Why you should use protective sportswear?

Why you should use protective sportswear?

There are several reasons to use protective sportswear. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, looking to increase your confidence on the court, or just trying to stay healthy is just a few of them. 


There are more than 1.6 million basketball injuries in a year. On average at least 22% from all basketball players sustain an injury at least once a season. That means, every fourth basketball player gets injured and is forced to sit out.

How do we get those injuries? Most of them (76.6%) are a result of a collision with another player and 3% of those injuries require medical surgery. In amateur basketball the statistics are even worse.

The majority of these injuries could be avoided, if:

  • Athletes would be in better physical condition 
  • Athletes would use appropriate basketball protective gear

Let's dive deeper and have a look at how protective gear can help avoid injuries.


In basketball there’s two types of injuries: 

  1. Internal or ligament injuries which are usually sustained as a result of a physical overload
  2. External injuries which are usually sustained after a collision with another player

Knee injuries are the most common injuries in basketball simply because knees are the first ones to touch the floor after a collision. As a result, knee pads have been the most important protective equipment for many years.

Physiotherapists recommend to use knee pads preventatively, especially if you have sensitive knees, or have had knee injury before. Knee pads provide shock absorption and helps to warm up and prepare your muscles for action.

Besides knee pads, there are other protective equipment such as padded tights, shorts, tank tops, padded arm sleeves and other. 


In most cases, the reason why athletes start to use protective gear is after they have sustained an injury. This is not the right way because in most cases the injury could be avoided in the first place if a protective gear would be used.

It is imperative that the gear is chosen by taking into account the style of play and position. For example, more aggressive players that don’t fear of jumping for the ball will need knee pads. Those who most often finds themselves in a 1v1 situations and often drive to the basket should consider protection for thighs and hips. Centre players that spend most of their time in the post under the basket require additional protection on the ribs.

When choosing the right gear it is important to balance between the level of protection and comfort it provides. Of course, the bigger the padding the more it can absorb impact but bulky equipment can limit your range of movement. 


Firstly, choose a gear that not only have a decent shock absorbing ability but also doesn’t limit your range of motion. Gamepatch protective sportswear can absorb hits up to 800 kg (1764 lbs) which can be compared to boxer’s punch all while the protective padding is only 0,5 cm (0,2 in) thick. In addition, Gamepatch use protective paddings have a unique feature - they mould around your body. As soon as the padding touches the body, it reacts to body temperature, becomes softer and takes its form around it. The more your body heats up the more comfortable it gets. Professional basketball players that have tested the gear claim that they almost don’t feel the pads on them

It's also important to choose the right size. If the gear is too tight it can get uncomfortable and will result in faster wear and tear. Before making your purchase, follow the manufacturer’s size chart and if you are in between two sizes better choose a larger size.

Pay attention to the following details before making your purchase!

  • The level of shock absorption for protective paddings (to provide protection against clashes with other players and trips)
  • The level of comfort it provides
  • Fabric quality - does it provide compression?
  • Durability - will it last after many impacts?
  • The weight of the padding and other features that provide comfortable fit
  • Build quality - threads, fabric, and other details such as built-in anti-slip silicone


Gamepatch main advantage is comfort. Even though they provide the best protection that is currently available on the market, all while having thinner padding, comfort is the main feature that professional athletes are looking for. Due to the unique Body Adjust Technology, protective paddings mould around the body as soon as you have it on and works as your “second skin”. In addition, as soon as the padding absorbs the warmth of the body, paddings can be hardly felt.