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Gamepatch collaborates with Kristaps Porzingis to develop new sportswear brand

Gamepatch collaborates with Kristaps Porzingis to develop new sportswear brand

A new sports brand GAMEPATCH was established to offer innovative functional sportswear.

The company is based in Kristaps Porzingis home country Latvia (a member of EU) and specializes in unique padded compression gear manufacturing for basketball, football, volleyball etc. That is the reason the company has signed NBA player Kristaps Porzingis for a long term partnership. In order to ensure the standard of quality for every piece of equipment, all products are handcrafted in Europe.

As basketball superstar Kristaps Porzingis has said, Basketball is getting more competitive every day. Players become faster, stronger and the game is getting more physical. For us, it means that we need to prepare our bodies to perform at high level. GAMEPATCH has created unique products that can really help us at intense moments of the game and prevent from injuries.”

GAMEPATCH offers both high performance compression wear and protective products. The padded compression gear features built-in protective paddings that are made from patent-pending elastic foam technology BAT (Body adjust technology). The main advantage of this technology is its ability to immediately adjust to the body and provide comfortable custom-made feel. The unique material activates as soon as it comes in contact with athlete’s body and reaches the optimal temperature of 97.7 – 98.6 F (36.6 – 37 C). GAMEPATCH products are premium quality and are designed to protect athletes while providing the comfort they desire.

“There are a lot of athletes in different sports looking for better sportswear with improved functionality. We really believe that with our protective gear we can help thousands of athletes across the world to stay safe, prevent injuries, and improve their confidence. This is the vision that drives GAMEPATCH” said company’s representative Andis Blinds.

GAMEPATCH products have already been tested by scientists, players from the NBA, WNBA, Euroleague and amateurs across the globe with fantastic results.