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How do I wash my Gamepatch gear?

We recommend washing it with like colors, without softeners and in no more than 30°C. It’s best to remove immediately after washing and let it air dry. Do not iron, bleach, dry clean and tumble dry.

What size should I choose?

It’s imperative that you choose the right size as going for a smaller size will put too much force on the seams which might tear them. If the size is too large the compression material will not be tight enough and might require to be readjusted while in-game. Click HERE to see our size charts.

What sports are Gamepatch gear made for?

Thanks to its versatility our gear can be used for many different sports such as basketball, handball, football, lacrosse, volleyball just to name a few. The gear is made to ensure high level of protection and is great for any activity that requires extra protection or performance compression.

Will my knee pads stay in place during activity?

Firstly, it is important to choose the right size. If the size is too large, the knee pads will not have enough grip around the leg which makes them uncomfortable and will require you to adjust them while in activity. Secondly, we use high quality compression fabric that ensures tight fit without feeling restrictive so if you have the right size you will never have to adjust them in-game. Moreover, the top part of the knee sleeve have silicon rubber that ensures they stay in place even during high intensity action.

How do I extend my product lifetime?

When putting on the gear, ensure that the lower part is adjusted accordingly and that, for example, the knee padding hasn’t been stuck under the knee. By pulling up the tights from waist area while the lower part is stuck under the ankle or knee, the seams might have too much force on them, which in the long run will wear out faster. It’s also important to follow the washing instructions.

Is Gamepatch padded compression wear abrasion resistant?

We pride ourselves by having the highest quality protective gear available on the market with durability level like no others. However, please note that the padding is not abrasion resistant, therefore, it can burn from slides on the floor which can leave visual defects which the guarantee doesn’t cover.

If you wish to protect your padding from abrasion, please choose our Abrasion Resistant 3/4 tights.

What are your return policy?

We offer returns 30 days from the date of purchase. For more information about our return policy, please click HERE.

Do you offer discounts for bulk or team orders?

Yes! We have many professional, amateur and junior teams worldwide that proudly rep Gamepatch gear. Reach out to our customer service team at with the list of items you would like to order and we will prepare the invoice with a special discount. The more items you order, the greater the discount.

How long is the shipping to my country?

Gamepatch is based in Latvia, Europe and all orders are dispatched from our headquarters in Riga. Orders to the US and other overseas countries are shipped with FedEx and take 5-9 business days on average. Orders within Europe are shipped with TNT and take 3-5 business days on average.


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