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3/4 tights with knee padding

Color - Black
Size chart

Knees are one of the most frequently injured areas in sports which is why we have taken extra care to create the most innovative knee padding on the market. Combined with premium quality compression tights, you will not only get high level of muscle support but also provide protection for your knees.

Best basketball knee pads are... (McDavid vs Gamepatch)

Shock Absorbing: Absorbs impact 20% more effectively & instantly takes back its form after impact.

Adjusting to Body: Featuring an innovative Body Adjust Technology - when worn, paddings quickly react to your body temperature to create a softer, more custom fit.

Thin & Light: Forget about bulkiness - extremely thin yet highly effective protective padding allows you to experience high level of comfort.

Durability: Innovative design combined with resilient protection & high-quality compression fabric provides durability like no other.

Premium Quality: Gamepatch products are handcrafted in Europe and conform to the highest quality standards.

**Please note that the padding is not fully abrasion resistant, therefore, it can burn from slides on the floor which can leave visual defects.**

How does the BAT technology work?

The highest functionality of the padding is achieved at 36.6° - 37°C (97.7° - 98.6° F). Once you warm up and your body reaches the optimal temperature the BAT technology activates. The padding gets softer and takes its form around the body making it incredibly comfortable.

See last product photo for size chart.

Sizing charts

Padded compression gear & compression wear

Knee pads

Arm sleeves


In between sizes? Choose one size down for tight fit or one size up for loose fit.

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Body Adjust Technology

Features BAT technology protective paddings that adjust to your body once it reacts to the body heat.

Premium quality

Our products conform to the highest standards of quality with durable stitching and comfortable compression fabric.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gameptach is the best

When I bought the gamepatch I thought it was the same as everyone else. But when I played in it for the first time, I realized how much better the gamepatch is and how well it adapts to my body.

Ken R.

I race an eight foot, eighty pound, El Toro sailing pram. My Blindsave padded tights are essential equipment for protecting my knees while racing. I find myself kneeling in various awkward and uncomfortable positions for many minutes at a time. It’s important to have my weight where the boat needs it to be to sail optimally, not where I’m the most comfortable. The tights make it possible.

Chris D.

Best compression gear ive ever bought! Well worth the purchase.. me and my son both have the pants because of basketball

Ken R.

I use the 3/4 padded knee tights for sailing my El Toro sailing dinghy. I often sail on my knees, which is very uncomfortable without knee pads. I’ve tried a great many types of knee pads. The Blindsave 3/4 tights are MUCH the best. I’ve won many races while wearing them.

Jeffrey Mei
Size chart isn’t accurate

Followed the size chart but turns out to be much bigger than what my boy could use, probably has to store for another year before we could utilize this product

3/4 tights with knee padding

Great product!

Lacrosse kid
3/4 tights with pads

I bought these for my son who plays goalie in lacrosse. He has had 4 games with them and they seem to work well. It would be nice if the pads were removable for cleaning. I can see where the durability of the stitching could be compromised during washing. I know there is a newer version that allows the pads to be removed, but they are black. During the summer it would be nice if they could come in white.

comfortable and very effective

I like the Pants very much, using them to protect my knees, when I drop to my knees on Ice to show my Hockey Goalies during Practice certain moves or behaviors
Bespoke Shirts and Pants for Ice Hockey Goalies with Game Patch Protection would be very nice, as the Products from the Big Hockey Brands do not work as efficient and comfortable

Markus Lautenschläger
Works perfectly

for me and my needs. Great knee protection and after 4-5 minutes of warm up I didn’t even notice the pads any more. Runs tall, I‘m 1,84 height and M was just fine.