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SLAM Presents: Gamepatch is Committed to Player Body Protection, Backed by Kristaps Porzingis

SLAM Presents: Gamepatch is Committed to Player Body Protection, Backed by Kristaps Porzingis

SLAM Presents: Gamepatch is Committed to Player Body Protection, Backed by Kristaps Porzingis

We're thrilled and honored to have caught the attention of the esteemed basketball media powerhouse, SLAM. Their recent editorial sheds light on our dedication to revolutionizing player body protection through our innovative protective sportswear. Read SLAM's full article below.


Game + Patch is a next generation company of scientifically advanced body protection compression wear. Their products include shirts, tights, pads and sleeves with strategically placed protection layers, “patches,” that adjust to your body and protect from impact during workouts and games.

 “Our aspiration is for players to feel comfortable and safe, so they can focus on getting in the “zone”, and enjoy the game more”, says Andy Blinds, CEO of Gamepatch.

As Gamepatch is specifically designed for basketball, the brand has collaborated with NBA player Kristaps Porzingis. All Gamepatch products are hand-crafted overseas in Porzingis’ home country of Latvia, Europe.

“It’s a great feeling to share my first impressions on new product designs from a player’s perspective, working together with Gamepatch to create quality products that help to protect players,” says Porzingis. “Basketball is getting more competitive every day,” he continues, “Players become faster, stronger and the game is getting more physical. For us, it means that we need to prepare our bodies to perform at a high level. Gamepatch has created unique products that can really help us at intense moments of the game and prevent injuries. I believe in the concept and I am proud to be the Brand Ambassador for such a great product.”

Kristaps Porzingis with Gamepatch Padded Shirt

Almost every NBA player uses compression wear and a lot of players choose to wear padded gear to prevent injuries. As in any high contact game, players are constantly dealing with aches, sprains, bruises or the worse. On average 22 percent of all basketball players sustain an injury at least once a season. Every player wants to spend as little time as possible on the bench and be capable of playing harder, longer and feeling safe on the court. Gamepatch products are affordable for both amateurs and professionals.

Gamepatch’s product line was born with basketball, but its impact extends well beyond the hardwood to other sports including handball, football, volleyball and soccer. Featuring an innovative “Body Adjusting Technology,” its functionality seems like something out of the future: when worn, Gamepatch quickly reacts to your body temperature to create a softer, more custom fit that feels like a second skin. Through tests and scientific studies, Gamepatch’s team has found that their products can absorb hits 20 percent more effectively than similar products and vastly lowers the risk of injuries.

“There are a lot of athletes in different sports looking for better sportswear with improved functionality,” says Andy Blinds. “List of our users is expanding, more EuroLeague and NBA players appreciate the quality and protective properties of Gamepatch. We are convinced that we can help thousands of athletes across the world to stay safe, prevent injuries, and improve their confidence. This is the vision that drives Gamepatch.”

As the talent level overseas and in the States continues to grow, Gamepatch is ahead of the game in terms of injury prevention—that way, all you need to really focus on is going out there and dropping buckets.

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