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Built to Last: New Abrasion Resistant Tights

Built to Last: New Abrasion Resistant Tights

Built to Last: New Abrasion Resistant Tights

The problem of abrasion damage in compression wear is solved now.

Everyone knows that one unlucky fall is all it takes to rip and tear your favourite pair of compression tights. Our new abrasion resistant products are the answer to this long standing problem. We proudly present the latest product in our lineup - the abrasion resistant 3/4 tights with insertable knee padding.

Here is what you will get:

Abrasion resistant & durable garment

The 3/4 tights feature specially engineered ceramic coating technology on the knee area makes it more resistant to abrasion when in contact with the floor. This abrasion resistant material in combination with high quality compression materials and precise craftsmanship enhances overall durability and performance. Abrasion damage has been the enemy of many compression tights users and tackling this issue was one of our main priorities.

Protective & multi-functional

All pairs of abrasion resistant tights have a unique pocket inside for the insertion of Body Adjust Technology knee padding. As a result, they can seamlessly transform from 3/4 tights to 3/4 tights with knee padding. A true 2 in 1 product, that can be used in a wide variety of sports both indoors and outdoors. 

Comfortable & cost efficient

The materials, design of the tights and adjustable knee padding ensure high level of comfort. The tights are able to replace three pairs of regular tights. Users can save money by investing in a single pair of these tights that can serve multiple purposes.

In summary, the abrasion resistant tights are the Swiss army knife of compression wear. We are convinced that any athlete would benefit from the wide variety of features all in one product. Increase performance, save money!